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While reading chapter 3 this week, there were three main concepts that stuck out to me more than some of the other did. The three major concepts which got my attention while reading were; literature as content, reading hypothesis, and question of transfer. To me, all three of these concepts have a major part in today’s education system and making sure that all children are getting the correct information and knowledge needed. Of course, everything that was mentioned in this chapter holds an important key to writing and reading in the education field. Although for me these three concepts listed made me really think about.,m;lpo9 what I will want to do within my future classroom. To give all students the best start to the rest of the school career and in later stages of life. I want to be the teacher who does everything possible to make sure every student feels like they are given the best care and aren’t stressed or overwhelmed with the things going around them. Reading and writing are one of the most basic life skills needed for everyone and starting at a young age and continue to expand the student's knowledge of information. Literature as a content might not be as simple as some would like to think. Making sure as a teacher, one is following the standards that are put into place by the state known as common core. Instead of just allowing students, of any age, to just write about what they are doing they must read a story and write something or illustrate what was going

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