Climbing Mount Everest

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Aidan Lo

Climbing to the summit of Mount Everest is considered an amazing accomplishment in today’s world. But when people climb up and down the mountain, they leave behind piles of trash and human waste. People like Sir Edmund Hillary and several organizations like Eco Everest are concerned about the negative impacts climbers have on the mountain. Individual people have had a say in the pollution problem on Mount Everest, like Sir Edmund. As quoted from “The World’s Highest Mountain”, “Hillary was also deeply concerned about the environment.” (7)He cared a lot for Mount Everest and tried to tackle the problem. If he didn’t care about the mountain, and just wanted the fame, he wouldn’t care about the mountain's environment. As also …show more content…

As quoted, “By mid-2013, a total of nearly 4,000 people had reached the mountain’s summit. With that number of people comes to an even greater amount of food containers, tents, empty oxygen containers, and even human waste… Due to the extreme weather conditions on Everest. The debris stays frozen in place. Some food cans found on Everest even date from as far back as the early 1960s.” (A Mountain of Garbage 2) With all of those people going to the top and returning, lots of trash gets left behind, and it stays preserved in ice for decades until somebody cleans up after themselves. The waste keeps piling up until an organization comes along and cleans it up because they don’t want to get to the top, they just want to clean up the mountain. As also stated from “A Mountain of Garbage”, “Several organizations are now trying to clean up Mount Everest for good...Since the expeditions start, climber shave removed more than 13 tons of garbage from Everest.” (2) Individuals and groups of us are concerned about the unfavorable impacts climbers have on Mount Everest. When piles of debris are left behind, it pollutes the mountain. Even though climbing Mount Everest is an amazing achievement, it is not worth it because you are ruining it for lots of people.
13 tons of garbage is 2,600 pounds of trash, cleaned up from the mountain. And who knows how much more garbage has

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