Clint Eastwood Research Paper

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Clint Eastwood is a star whether he is directing a movie or playing in the movie. Clint Eastwood started out as an actor before becoming a director too. He has multiple movies that are famous worldwide. The many awards he has received are examples of his amazing work. Clint Eastwood starred in movies, as well as directing them, and won a lot of awards for this. Clinton Eastwood Jr. was born on May 31, 1930. His hometown was San Francisco, located in California ( “Clint Eastwood” 1 ). As a kid, Eastwood moved from town to town because of his father’s jobs ( “Clint Eastwood” 2 ). He also loved cars when he was younger ( Mara 8 ). In high school he played basketball. Eastwood was on the varsity basketball team at his high school ( “Clint Eastwood” …show more content…

His duty in the army was to teach other recruits how to swim ( “Clint Eastwood” 3 ). “ Eastwood lived in Carmel, California, a quaint coastal village in the northern part of the state” ( “Clint Eastwood” 5). After returning back home, he got married. In 1953, he married Maggie Johnson ( “Clint Eastwood” 1 ). However, they did not last and they got a divorce. After he and his first wife’s divorce, he began living with Sandra Locke for decades ( “Clint Eastwood” 5 ). In 1955, Eastwood began his acting career ( “Clint Eastwood” 1 ). In 1964, Clint Eastwood accepted $15,000 to make a film for Sergio Leone in Spain ( “Clint Eastwood” 3 ). He then decided to become a film director in 1969 ( “Clint Eastwood” 1). In 1971, he released a big hit, known as, Dirty Harry ( Mara 27 …show more content…

This film earned over one hundred million dollars nationwide. Eastwood founded his own golf sportswear in 1997 ( “Clint Eastwood” 5 ). At the age of 74, he became the oldest person ever to win an Oscar ( “Clint Eastwood” 2 ). Clint Eastwood received two Academy Awards for Million Dollar Baby ( Mara 57 ). Eastwood had made 41 major motion pictures and even directed 17 ( “Clint Eastwood” 6 ). “In 2006 Eastwood won the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for excellence in Film, from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts” ( “Clint Eastwood” 6 ). In 2008, he was awarded the National Board of Review Award in his movie, Gran Torino ( “Clint Eastwood”

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