Clothing In The Elizabethan Era

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In the Elizabethan times, there were many different types of clothing. The lower class wore much cheaper materials than the Nobles would wear. Many Elizabethans wore things to prove what they could afford like big classy rings to big gowns. They had outfits for many things like funerals, weddings, and every day wear. The Elizabethan clothing styles involved different social classes like lower class, nobles, and upper class.

The reign of Queen Elizabeth I began from 1558 until she died in 1603. This time was known as the Golden Age of English history, the beginning of English literature and poetry. Since Elizabeth was a queen, she had tons of dresses. Queen Elizabeth had over 300 gowns just for every day wear and hundreds of costumes. …show more content…

Women’s clothing took hours to put on. Women in the Elizabethan time wore puffy sleeves, and tight-fitting dresses. Back in that time the women tried to look more petite than they look even though they wore multiple layers on (History of Fashion). Women had to cover all of their bodies. Women who were in the upper class wore knee-length, of full chemise. A chemise was a thin white (dress for girls), puffy shirt-dress. A chemise was usually made of undergarment made of linen. Stockings were knee-length and were usually made or wool, silk or linen. What was strange was a farthingale. A farthingale was a dome shaped skirt (made stiff of whalebone or wood) that was worn underneath the dress. A women’s petticoat was worn over the farthingale to add more volume to the gown. A kirtle was worn above the petticoat. The kirtle was decorated in the front section. Gowns were expensive materials. They split in the middle to reveal the kirtle. The ruffs were worn by the women also. The shoes, were made of leather, silk, velvet, and brocade (rich fabric). The women in this social class, wore looser corsets (which usually clinched at the waist), less layers, and wore simple clothes that were less cumbersome (large or heavy)

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