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According to Cambridge dictionary (2015) coal is a “hard, black substance that is dug from the earth and it can be burned to produce heat or power”. Before the 18th century coal was produced in limited amounts. However, after the industrial revolution the demand for coal has become more. Coal was used in various industries because it was cheaper than the other fuels (Wilde, 2015). Although coal developed the economy, the mines harmed the environment and it was unsafe to work in them. Coal has. Coal damaged the environment but it improved the economy. Massive amounts of coal were found in the Midlands, the north, the northeast and parts of Scotland. But less was discovered in the south (Trueman, 2015). …show more content…

The coalmines owners took the families to get as much coal as possible, they worked for 12 hours / 6 days a week. However, they were paid depending on how much they produced. Regardless of how many hours the miners worked they were salaried according to how much they were producing. Big families that worked in the coalmines lived in two rooms. Living conditions were bad for the miners. Accidents and injures happened constantly. It was risky to work in the coalmines. There was no light underground. Underground mines were very dark. Some of the underground roadways were narrow therefore owners used small children to pull or push large coal baskets (Working conditions in the 19th century mines, n.d). Instead of making the tight roadways wider, owners used children to pass coal bags through it. Children under age of five worked for 2 pennies a day, which was very dangerous. Children were in danger due to their work in the coalmines. 58 deaths including children at age of 13 or younger, out of total of 349 deaths in one year occurred in one coalmine. (Trueman, 2015). In one year 16% of deaths happened in one coal mine. In the US, more than 100,000 coal worker died because of accidents.(Environmental impact of the coal industry, n.d). Coal mines accidents killed a lot of people in the US. Coal production affected people’s lives negatively. To sum, the positive impacts of coal was

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