Code Of Conduct For Law Enforcement Essay

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Ethics in Criminal Justice Assignment 1 Sydney E Vaughn CRJU 1400 Ethics and Cultural Perspectives in Criminal Justice Professor Stephen N. Knights Jr October 22, 2016 Contents Introduction 2 Police Ethics 2 Corruption 3 Police Corruption 3 Police Discretion in Ethics 4 Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement 4 Types of Police Corruption 4 Ethics in the Courtroom 5 Prosecuting Attorneys 5 Defense Attorneys 5 Ethics in Police Training 6 Closing 6 Introduction Ethics by definition states that it’s the study of morality. Ethics are the basis of our criminal justice system. From the arresting officers who take an oath to serve and protect, to the attorneys and courts, we assume the behavior and rules are ethically and morally sound. We as the public should think we are in good hands when it comes to the Criminal Justice System. I think we should have people in the system with good morals and great values. We want to be assured that our laws and those enforcing them are supported. Police Ethics Police Ethics are always under constant scrutiny these days it seems. Police officers are held to a higher standard by the public and are expected to always act appropriately in the way they interact with the community or a suspect. Basically ethics is just doing the right thing. For example, a police officer is expected to stop and help a stranded person in a car, but sadly that sometimes doesn’t happen. Hopefully the police officer could not because they had a more serious call
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