Code Of Hammurabi Vs. The Ten Commandments

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Name: Veronica Vasquez
Professor: Theodore Sanders
Class: WOH 1012 History of World Civilization to 1500
Date: October 15th, 2015

Code of Hammurabi Vs. The Ten Commandments.

Picture a king so ahead of his time and so powerful that he was aware of the importance and sense of urgency behind establishing laws to ensure the growth of civilization and humanity. His name was Hammurabi and he was the king of Babylon. He reigned from 1792 B.C. all the way to 1750 B.C. As an innovative and feared king he created 282 laws for everyone to follow, as gruesome as "an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" and as political as ranking people from nobles to slaves and everything in between, he started a new era for Central Mesopotamia then, and all of humanity now. (Edgar et al) As unimaginable as it sounds for someone to come up with a simple 282 laws for a just way of living; at a later time in Egypt there was someone else coming up with a more spiritual way of life. The Ten Commandments, although history says that Moses discovered the stone some time in 1400 B.C., 300 years after, it has been said that these commandments were known about since the beginning of time from a Higher Power. Moses was a former Egyptian prince and later became a Prophet. The bible quotes Moses as one of the greatest Prophets of history. Facing Pharaoh Ramses and freeing the Jews from slavery, he was one of the most important religious leaders of all time. These commandments explain a better

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