Cold War Impact

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The United States and the Soviet Union were involved in Cold War, after World War II, that is, between the year 1945 and 1990 when it ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union. This war was unique because it was no combative. In the absence of direct confrontation and fighting between the two sides, Proxy wars took over, which meant that they supported the regional wars fought by their respective allies. Consequently, the United States throughout its different regimes sought to face out communism from its government, which was an economic, social and political ideology for the Soviets, contrary to capitalism, which the Americans subscribed to. In view of that, discussed below will be, the effects of both the Cold War and the fight against communism on the Americans, as well as cases of Proxy wars witnessed in the surrogate countries.
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The battle played a big role in influencing many aspects of the country’s social and cultural existence, ranging from the civil rights crusade to survival movements, from entertainment industries to the learning institutions. The risk posed by nuclear threats from the Soviets caused a lot of anxiety to the American citizens. Hence, various effects such as the Interstate Freeway System, and the creation of the National Defense Act were implemented. Additionally, the Cuban missile crisis brought fear and doubts on the civilians, since, they were not sure if the government had appropriate measures to protect them from that eminent danger. However, positive effects also originated from the Cold War. For example, America became economically dominant globally, due to an initiative described as “The Consumer Culture,” which encouraged citizens to purchase consumer goods in plenty, thus improving the economy of their

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