Cold War: The Space Race

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"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."- Neil Armstrong. On October 4, 1957, 7:28 PM life changed in the United States and Russia because of the launch of sputnik the first man-made object to orbit the earth. The space race wasn't just a race to space, but a Continuum of the Cold War and a competition to see who the better country was really was. The US always felt that their technology exceeded everyone else’s, but on the day of October 4, they were proven wrong; the Soviets were on top. The launch of Sputnik was a huge success, but Dwight Eisenhower would try to downplay it to avoid accepting defeat. The United States would put 400,000 people to work on the project. This is the first time the US had embarked on such on…show more content…
This event was not all just about being the first to be in space but it was who could gain the technology that could potentially send a nuclear device into an enemy country without them being able to defend it. The Russians gained this advantage first and this terrified many Americans who had previously thought that they were the superpower of the world. At the time that that sputnik I launched the success of the soviets was tried to be downplayed by people all over the US even though the technology gained from it would leave a positive lasting impact on the world today. Without the space race, we would surely not have satellite TV the very thing that keeps most people in the US entertained today (Rob Mead). This was developed during the space race in order to communicate with astronauts. Another thing that was developed during the space race was cordless tools used to drill on the moon to collect moon rock samples, before this, you would not be able to use a battery powered tool cut down a tree or mow a lawn (Rob Mead). Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors were another invention to help detect smoke and poisonous gasses on board space shuttles( Rob Mead). Without this one may very well be poisoned by carbon monoxide or killed in a fire when it could be easily avoided with a detector. Imagine life today when going on a road trip having to read a map rather than typing in the destination on your phone this could very well be what life would be like if the space race did not influence the Satellite navigation system to be created it had a big part in developing it( Rob Mead). These are just a few examples of how common things that one may take for granted every day that may possibly not even exist if it wasn’t for the technological breakthroughs that occurred during the space race. Not only did the space race positively affect technology but also schools. The
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