College Admissions Essay-Detriment In Arrogance

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Detriment in Arrogance I’m tapping away at my iPhone’s screen during the announcements for the latest Interact windbreaker orders, fidgeting in fierce anticipation until the horrendously slow internet decides to load; several of my friends sit beside me in the auditorium in Raider Hall, and are too, maneuvering through their phones for their recently uploaded grades. This zeal is manifested by the fact that throughout my life, the importance of the academics had been imposed upon me, and inevitably, I succumbed to its rigorous demands. And as such, I hold a tendency to compare the product of my work to that of my peers. These peers, to say the least, interpreted the competitiveness as somewhat conceited.
Then comes the all-powerful moment
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I attempt to repress any indications of arrogance during this time, but once in awhile, it overpowers me, and I desperately try to accommodate by discussing my academic performance with people who hold the same degree of competitiveness, such as my studious, evidently competitive group of friends. But even in those moments, I felt inclined to express how much I had achieved without the regard to my peers’ possible insecurities, and often finding myself at a table, standing next to a peer, uttering questions that might be indicative of an obsession to prove one's superiority over…show more content…
The pieces fall into place, but it’s too late.
I initially interpret his response as simply indifference of the marginal test score disparities, but then it strikes me as a ball strikes an inattentive baseball player. I soon evaluate the response, and discover its underlying, and frankly blatant meaning as a reply to counter my arrogance; and so, the bombastic voice falters, and I am left in awe of what I had just evoked, what I realized I had evoked before, and what I will evoke if the cycle continues.
A precedent sticks to my mind, one of consequence to which a lack of discretion for arrogance provokes. In retrospect, the blindness of my provocation to others was the most ridiculous aspect of the event, and I presume my pride ran so deep as that only a reaction from my fellow peer would release it. Nonetheless, I spend the next few weeks attempting to mend the bonds that I broke between my peers and I, understanding and modesty included, but I still talk with some certain peers who strive for the same gratification and don’t mind, arrogance included of
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