College At Any Cost?

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College at Any Cost? Student loan debt has steadily increased each year. The class of 2012 graduated with an average $29,400 in student loan debt -- up 6% from the last federal survey conducted in 2008, according to analysis by TICAS, a nonprofit research and policy organization (Todd par 2).
Loans of this size will likely burden young adults with payments until they are 40 years old. This frightening realization makes me think that prospective students, like myself, should be asking a lot of questions and exploring all the options for higher education. The most important question; Is a college education worth taking on long term debt or are there better options out there for some students? A four year college is not optional for careers like physicians, attorneys , or engineers but does it have to be an Ivy League education? Community Colleges are viable alternatives for many students and can save thousands of dollars. The United States Military continues to offer the option of the GI Bill. Some school districts have technical career centers offering high school students a career ready education leading them directly into the work force. The job market has been tough for college graduates in recent years so students need to make smart choices when looking for higher education. Exploring all the available options will help prospective college students decide if college, and which college, is right for them. College is expensive and the cost is rising each

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