College Athletes Of The 21st Century

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College Athletes of the 21st Century
The argument about whether a college athlete should be compensated comes up several times a year, especially when the affluent“fat cat” businessmen are sitting at home counting their dollars off the backs of amateur athletes around championship time. The debate is whether amateur athletes that are members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association should be compensated for their use of their name, likeness, and athletic skill. Conversely, there is an argument that college athletes are rewarded enough already with scholarships to universities and first looks from professional teams. The NCAA should be compensating college athletes while in school. Furthermore, two Michigan State University lawyers state that college athletes already qualify as laborers under federal labor laws (Cooper). The debate continues concerning compensation for college athletes, and in considering: arguments in favor of compensation for college athletes; arguments against compensation for college athletes; and weighing the evidence of the two arguments; a logical argument can be made in favor of compensation for college athletes. There is a reasonable argument that compensation for college athletes is necessary while attending university. However, the reason for this debate cannot be resolved in such an uncomplicated matter. College football and basketball bring in six billion dollars a year. College athletes deal with scholarship gaps that leave them

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