College Campus Rape Culture

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Certain things are a given about college life. New opportunities, new friends, new living situations, but also, new dangers. No matter what college, what area, whether it is a notorious party school or not, there is always a danger that comes with placing hormonal youths in close contact with drugs, alcohol, and each other. Yet, few parents are afraid for the safety their young sons. Many parents fear for the safety of their daughters, in an environment where drugs and alcohol are the norm. The college party culture has been renowned for placing shame and blame on young girls who are the victims of rape and sexual assault. So, I created a model for a poster which protests this campus, and also nationwide rape culture.

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This is not misandry, it is just historical fact. A 1997 U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics study showed that “91% of rape victims are female… and 99% of arrestees for rape are male.” Many rapes are underreported or played down as “mistakes”, “lapses in judgement”, etc. This excusing of rape is central to rape culture, especially that of campus rape. This trend can be seen in the way that Brock Turner’s father tried to explain away his son’s rape of the Stanford rape victim, as “20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life.” This could be the understatement of the year! Those “20 minutes of action” made a huge and permanent impact on the victim, and that act should not be trivialized. Unfortunately this is characteristic of male rape culture. This concept of a “man taking what he wants, when he wants” is so toxic, yet so inherent to rae culture. That is why I chose to have the male sign completely merge with the letter ‘U’. This macho man trope is so overused that it is basically a given. Therefore, my use of the male sign and its placement have deliberate meanings that symbolize the prevalence of male rapists and sympathizers (such as Brock Turner’s father), and how closely they are woven into modern rape
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