College Education Is Not Granted For Everyone

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Monica Sanad
Professor Benjamin Bever
English 112
26 April 2016
In retrospect, college education, in the old days, has been a privilege that was not granted for everyone. Unfortunately, this was a detriment likely to be caused by the inequality at race, gender or wealth. However, as humans have evolved beyond such inane, discriminatory issues, more people were able to go to college and earn a degree for a living, thus improving their quality of life and acting as a driving force to the wheel of the economy. There was no room for regress in education, only evolving could occur. Colleges became ubiquitous and granted education for more students, despise their gender or race. Nowadays, applications are done online and communication between colleges and applicants is corroborated through the use of e-mails, fax and telephones.
In the light of the incessantly rising the economy and population, newer jobs are available on the market, but these jobs come along with requirements that are more competitive than before and, sometimes, even fierce. Unlike the old days, most jobs now require applicant to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in order to be considered. To employers and business owners, a college degree along with experience, became a crucial requirement: a tenet that guides them during hunting for new employees. Even though it is the 21st century, we still have unfair distribution of wealth, which means that not all people could afford attending fancy 4-year…

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