College: Is It Worth It? Essay

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We are told to “go to college” by family, media, and teachers, but we are never given an explanation on why it’s important for us to get a higher education. The importance of higher education is so we can obtain a career that can support our needs and wants. It’s also important because it gives you an advantage when trying to get a job. Employers require a higher form of education, which is necessary for our society to advance. There aren’t many jobs that accept people with a high school diploma as their highest form of education. Employers want people that know what they’re doing, and so does our society. In order for people to go into the career field they want, they need to go to college to learn everything that comes with that career. Without a college degree, it would be close to impossible to get a high paying job. So, is it worth going to college even though it’s pricey? Well, if we consider everything we gain from college and the experience, yes it is.
Most people go to college to get a degree in whatever field they are most interested in. Going to college gives us a chance at a better life. Not only do we get a chance at a better life, but we also get to better ourselves as well. We’re able to pursue the career we like and want to do. Which, is better than doing something we hate for the rest of our lives. College provides us with the knowledge and skills needed for our specific job. Which, is obviously important but so are the electives because they teach us…

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