College Is More Important Than Doing Good In College

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The average annual salary of a high school graduate is 30,000, while that of someone with a four year college degree is 53,000. To me, this is enough to tell me that doing good in college is far more important than doing good in high school. In an interview with my Uncle, we discussed this topic. He never really tried in highschool, but realized the importance of college once he got there. It paid off tremendously.
“Brett, please come collect your test,” said Mr. White. Brett slowly paced his way up to his teacher’s desk, fully knowing the likely outcome of his score. Mr. White handed Brett his paper quickly then went on to call the next person. Brett looked down at the score and his heart sunk. F. This wasn’t anything new for him. Brett had been contending to get by in school since the earliest years of grade school. He always found school boring, and to put it simply, not something that he needed to worry about. There were more important things Brett was focused on. Football, girls, friends, social life, you know the deal. But, this wasn’t grade school anymore, this was highschool, and next year it would be college. He knew that if he wanted to land a successful job and potential career, his attitude towards school needed to change.
Today, there is an unfathomable amount of articles and research on how much more more important it is to go on to college after high school, as compared to just going to highschool. The amount of money money college graduates make as compared

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