Colonial America

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During 1607-1753, Colonial America was founded. Starting on 1492, when Christopher Columbus discovered land beyond the England, people were launched into a new life. A group of puritans departed from England to escape the growing stress of the English government. Searching for freedom, in both religion and government, they sailed towards America. Their main goal was not only to start e new life, but also to convert the savages; “Indians.” With this move they experienced many difficulties. Upon starting a new life, they had to learn a new way of political life, social life, educational life, and above all religious lives.
Today the controversy of the importance of Christianity to the colonists in the years preceding the American Revolution
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It became to be known as “the little Bible” because religious instruction was integrated into the grammar lessons. The eighty-page book taught the alphabet as well as moral and spiritual principles. After graduating from high school, you could go to college. However, in order to be accepted, there were strict requirements that one had to follow. Every student should be “able to read, construe, and parse Tully, Virgil, and the Greek NT; and to write true Latin in prose and to understand common arithmetic.” Nevertheless, not only will they have to accomplish all these, but they also have to live a religious, blameless life in God. Every student was forced to constantly pray in the school hallways every morning and evening; as well as read a passage of scripture. The professors were to take turns preaching from God’s Word in the halls. Additionally, if any student were to act rudely or profane the Sabbath, they would be harshly disciplined. Unfortunately, the government governed even their schools strictly. Colonial America’s social life was probably the most interesting aspect of their new lives. They had two main laws by which to live by; The Moral Law and the Law of Grace. According to the Moral Law, every man was to love his neighbor, and help in times of want or distress. However the Law of Grace, calls men to put a difference between Christians and others.

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