Colonialism Essay

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During the period of Colonialism, the English settlers arrived in America from Europe looking for religious freedom, land and the opportunity for wealth. While the Spanish Settlers arrived at Hispaniola unexpectedly, like the English; however, the Spanish did not leave Europe because of religion persecution; rather, they wanted to expand their religious belief to the New Word. While in both the English and the Spanish colonization, the Indigenous people were oppressed and enslaved but the English took a different approach. Thereby, although both the English and the European colonized in order to obtain gold and silver to help their countries wealth, the Spanish explorers took a more forceful method of gaining land.
Colonialism is the reason the world is how it’s today geographically, culturally, socially and in many other aspects. The economic systems such as capitalism was derived from the earliest period of colonialism, with the Spanish imposing taxes on the Indians and the cheap labor the Indians provided. However, the beginning of colonization in the Americas confine with a deadly period of slavery and the termination of Indian populations. For example, the introduction of diseases such as smallpox which cause the death of millions of Native Americans. It was the largest smallpox epidemic, it spread across most of the continent of North America. Thus, with colonization, regardless from which nation or empires was coming from, diseases were introduced to populations with

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