Color Of Horses Research Paper

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There are five basic body colours of horses: • BROWN a mixture of black and brown in his coat. • BAY can be any shade of brown (which is a mixture of red and yellow), with points such as tail, mane, muzzle and lower legs being black. • BLACK completely black. • CHESTNUT has brown skin and the hairs are actually red. The shades vary from a light yellowy colour to dark liver. The mane and tail are usually the same colour as the body but can be lighter. The lighter colouring is called flaxen. Lighter coloured horses are called sorrel; very dark chestnut is called "liver chestnut". • WHITE A truly white horse is born white and remains white. They have pink skin, usually hazel or brown eyes and white hair. Most "white horses" are actually light grey. There are also colour variations in horses and colour breeds. • CREMELLOS & PERLINOS Are often called…show more content…
A foal may be born a solid colour with a few white hairs sprinkled in his coat, but more white hairs will appear in the coat until he is gray at maturity. "Dappled grey" looks mottled, while greys with clusters of darker hair which sometimes include a reddish brown, are called "flea bitten". • ROAN is a mixture of white and coloured hairs. White with brown is called red roan; white with red is strawberry roan; white with black is called blue roan. • PALOMINO Palominos are golden horses with light coloured, or "flaxen" manes and tails. • PAINT / PINTO a colour breed have a mixture of white and coloured areas on their bodies. Horses with black and white splotches are called piebald, while horses with any other colour than black are called skewbald. Pinto is a Spanish word meaning painted. • APPALOOSA a colour breed: Leopard is a white horse with dark spots all over his body; Snowflake is a dark horse with tiny white spots; and the "blanket", the most well-known Appy pattern which usually consists of a white blanket with dark spots on the
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