Color Runs Deep

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The word “Negro” was a self-identification that the black community gave themselves. It showed the degrading era of America towards African Americans. Langston Hughes is an African American man who uses the literary device of allusion to talk about the treatment of the black community in the early 20th century up until the present. Darkness and shadows usually speak of the past or looking to past. Hughes digs deep into the dirt of African land where his ancestors are buried and shares the history of what he and his people have had to go through. “Negro” was written by Langston Hughes in 1922 during the Harlem Renaissance which was a time of African American development and the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. During this day in…show more content…
Slavery globally and nationally always has been and always will be wrong. While slavery is illegal in America, it still occurs. Throughout the poem the reader can feel the sadness of what Hughes and other African Americans have had to encounter. Hughes was obviously sad and disappointed throughout the poem and this is because of slavery. Slaves kept these great leaders cleaned and polished with no recognition. Africans built numerous memorable buildings including the pyramids and the Woolworth Building. There are about 138 pyramids in Egypt as of 2008. Most pyramids were built as tombs for the countries Pharos’s and their consorts. Recent discoveries have found that paid workers built the pyramids. The workers came from poor Egyptian families from the north and the south and were respected for their work. Some scholars say that it took 10,000 workers more than 30 years to complete one single pyramid. Though they were not slaves, they lived a life of hard labor. In an excavation their skeletons showed signs of arthritis. These workers spent their entire life away at a job they may not even live to see completed. Many Africans throughout history have worked very hard their entire lives to reach a goal that by the time they die may not even be reached. An example of this would be the Civil Rights and the people that influenced it. Not only did Africans build ancient monuments but they also build
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