Color Street Nail Polish Analysis

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Color Street is one of the newest beauty companies to hit the scene with their popular and globally patented nail polish wraps that require no UV, heat, or dry time. To learn more about Color Street Nail Polish Wraps, then read this article. Circle City Tips sent this product to the author of LeeNG Beauty for free. All opinions are the author’s own. Circle City Tips is an independent contractor and cannot speak on behalf of Color Street. Having just launched in June, Color Street is one of the newest direct sale beauty companies growing in popularity for their nail polish wraps. What’s so special about them? Their globally patented design. Color Street Nail Wraps are composed of ninety-five percent pre-dried nail polish that can stretch to …show more content…

These are a black-and-white nail art option with polka dots, stripes, and cherry blossoms. Generally, I’m not that into nail designs, but I’m a sucker for anything covered in flowers. I don’t know think I would wear them regularly simply because it’s such a pretty design that I don’t want to ruin and my nails are so flimsy that it seemed to have reduced the integrity of the wraps causing cracks. However, I’m impressed by how well they held up. After two weeks, You can see that there’s a little wear on the tips and cracks at points where my nails bend, but otherwise still intact and the finish still looks as good as it on day one. You know what my regular polish would’ve looked in two weeks? Dull and beat-up (even with top coat), and crumbled away. Before using Color Street, I hated using nail wraps as the ones I’ve used were practically cheap stickers that you would get in a goodie bag at a child’s party. They fray horribly and even if you use heat, they'll lift and fall off after a couple of …show more content…

You might get some overlapping and creases the first couple times, but nothing a little practice can’t fix, and the application is pretty easy. Each set of nail wraps comes in an envelope that also includes two alcohol wipes and a small nail file, which is all you need. You wipe your nails clean with the alcohol wipe to remove the natural oils your skin produces, and the file is to shape the wrap to the nail. Color Street Nail Polish Wraps come in a sealed, plastic packet to keep the adhesive from drying out. Once you break the seal, you need to apply within an hour before they dry out. Depending on how practiced you are with nails, they can be applied in as little as ten minutes - I did mine in about fifteen. They’re a one-time use product, but some have had success in re-sealing the packet with a flat iron to save any unused wraps for later. If you’re interested in purchasing Color Street Nail Polish Wraps, you can order from the Circle City Tips website or email Elizabeth at And for the latest updates on stock and specials, join the Circle City Tips Facebook Group. You can also head over to the Consultants page to see if there’s a trusted consultant near

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