Colorado River Hydrosphere Essay example

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Colorado River Hydrosphere A case study of * River management * People interfering in the hydrosphere * Balancing water from one area to another The Colorado river - basic facts It flows through southwest United States and northwestern Mexico. It is 2334 km (1450 miles long), the longest river west of the Rocky Mountains. Its source is west of the Rocky Mountains which is the watershed in northern Colorado, and, for the first 1600km (1000miles) of its course, passes through a series of deep gorges and canyons that were created by the eroding force of its current. The river flows in a generally southwestern direction across Colorado into south eastern Utah, where it …show more content…

1. To store water from wet seasons to dry seasons 2. To store water for movement via canals and pipelines to areas of desert and drought. 3. To create cheap electricity in the form of Hydro Electric Power 4. To bring desert land under cultivation using irrigation schemes 5. To allow new settlements to be developed in the desert e.g Phoenix in Arizona and Las Vegas. The Imperial Valley of southern California is an excellent example of land reclaimed by the waters of the Colorado. A number of reservoirs have been incorporated into national recreation areas and new fruit and vegetable growing estates have improved the economy and food supply in the area. The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Utah encompasses Lake Powell, formed by the Glen Canyon Dam. Mohave (formed by Davis Dam) and Lake Mead are part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Arizona. 25 million people depend on the dams. Effects of river management: Gains Losses Economic · Increased income from farming in some areas · New industries attracted to the "Sunshine States" (footloose industries see attractive climate) · Hydro electric power has attracted new industries and created jobs - boosted local economy · Cheap electricity reduces dependence on oil and imports · Dams and Grand Ganyon a major tourist attraction. · Fast growth of

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