Comfort Women : Comfort Women In World War II

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Comfort Women in World War II

The term “comfort women,” is a controversial term that refers to the estimated 200,000 women who were recruited by force or deception into performing sexual services to Japanese Imperial Army troops during World War II. Under the control of the Japanese military, about 80 percent of these young women came from Korea, but women from China, the Philippines,Taiwan,Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, East Timor, India, Guam and the Netherlands were also victims. were brutally beaten, raped, forced into prostitution and held prisoner across Asia. Throughout Asia, they were help captive as sex slaves and were continuously sexually assaulted. “Comfort stations” is the phrase used to describe the military brothels where the comfort women were held and forced to provide sexual services to many officers and their men. Comfort stations were typically located near the military camps in which Japanese troops were located. These military operated brothels were in Japan, the Philippines, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand etc. An estimated 30 percent of comfort women survived the traumatic torture they endured in these comfort stations. In the early 20th century, Japan had become a distinguished military power in Asia. In 1905, Japan had forced Korea into becoming a Japanese protectorate and a colony of Japan. At this time both Korea and Taiwan were under Japanese control. Tensions began to rise as the Koreans and Taiwanese were

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