Communication Disorders: Inside Aphasia

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Aphasia is according to (2015), “a communication disorder that results from damage to the parts of the brain that contain language (typically in the left side of the brain)”. Generally, this damage is caused by a stroke. When one suffers from Aphasia, they usually have a hard time communicating and understanding certain words (“Types of Aphasia,” 2015). In the video Inside Aphasia (2008), they described that individuals who suffer from Aphasia have a hard time understanding speech, reading as well as writing.
There are different types of Aphasia. One type of Aphasia is known as Wernicke’s Aphasia. When an individual suffers from this type of Aphasia, they use the wrong words when talking without even realizing it. They also might put together meaningless words that do not make sense (“Types of Aphasia,” 2015).
Another type of Aphasia is Broca’s Aphasia. Because this form of Aphasia affects the left hemisphere of the brain, there are numerous types of language issues that can occur. For instance, they could have a hard time making a complete sentence. Those who suffer from Broca’s Aphasia might also have a hard time understanding sentences along with leaving out some words when talking. Lastly, they might have a hard time following directions (“Types of
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The “right hemisphere language-related skills include comprehension and production of speech prosody and affect; metaphorical language and semantics; and comprehension of complex linguistic and ideational material and of environmental sounds, such as nonspeech sounds, music, melodies, tones, laughter, clicks, and buzzes” (Owens, 2005, p. 62). The left hemisphere controls one’s speech. It controls both language processing and oral movements (Owens, 2005, p.
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