Communication, Photography And Social Media Class

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After viewing our assigned videos, I experienced a range of emotions and thoughts that affected me on different levels. These emotional responses ranged from expressions of apathetic dissonance to enthusiastic nods of agreement. What I discovered was a developing themes of human expression that equated to unfulfilled needs and/or voids. Therefore, I will attempt to engage and discuss the eight video’s assigned for Evangelism, Photography and Social Media class. I will analyze the attempted message of each video based on the developing theme of “ the four unmet human needs” first through a theological lens, then as a sociological issue, and finally how each video raised conversations about these issues. I believe that the theological concern surrounding social media is its attempt to fulfill “the four human needs.” Maslow has seven, there are eight dimensions of wellness, however I will only concentrate on four as it refers to the world of social media, “The intellectual, the physical, the social, the spiritual, and sometimes the emotional.” I will not elaborate on the emotional, as I feel it is a transitional response dependent upon how the other needs are met. Theologically Theologically and theoretically, Jesus was a trailblazer in human development. Luke 2:52 explains it best, “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and with people.” Jesus had a value-based (as in human values), need-centric and emotion-driven approach, making
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