Community, Identity, and Stability Essay

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Community, Identity, Stability " 'But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness, I want sin' "(Huxley 215). In Brave New World people lives were different and they had different believes they were not allowed to feel emotion because as the Director said emotions are unstable. They were conditioned to think the way their world is formed is perfect, but actually it isn't. Emotions could be unstable, but is better to feel them instead of being an inhumane person that doesn't feel anything. People have to paid a price that they didn't choose and that is unjust for them because they have to take what is giving to them. In the World State people seems to be happy with what the have …show more content…

Flowers are seen as beautiful and represent nature as the same as love when you give them to someone special. is unjust to lack someone to feel appreciation to natural things and lack them from education. Another important fact is that people in the World State doesn't have values as now we do. The concept of family doesn't exist, they consider this word as obscene as the same as "father" and "mother". In our world family is the most important aspect for most people and we demonstrate love and support to them all the time. Marriage was another value that people doesn't had and they seem it as horrible, for example when John propose Lenina to married him she said, " 'what horrible idea!' "(174). This shows how the idea of getting married with somebody was seen as something really bad, which for us is beautiful. Also, people were not allowed to feel emotions, because emotions are seen as a risk of loosing stability in their community. If they feel some kind of emotions they have to take soma to forget them. Is like if somebody have to take drugs all the time in order to be happy. In my opinion I prefer to feel emotions even if no all of them are good, instead of being like an object that doesn't feel anything. The price that people paid in order to have a stable community is very high and it doesn't worth it. Values are

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