Community Service For Nonviolent Offenders

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Just imagine driving with friends and getting pulled over by the police. The police officer asks the normal routine questions and notice that you are acting oddly. This sends a red flag to the police officer now he is searching your vehicle and you are in handcuffs. This was once a routine stop that turn into a tragedy that could dictate your future.
Trying to understand the different classifications of misdemeanors and felonies are tricky. Many can distinguish how to live as a law-abiding citizen, although many people have suggestions on what is less cost-effective on how to rehabilitate a criminal and to free up the prison system for the violent offenders. A few think that community service for nonviolent offenders can help them understand their wrong doings, others believe that shaming is beneficial, and some believe that putting them in prison is another form of rehabilitation. Therefore, I believe that if a person wants to change it will need to come from within.
When an individual has violated the law, this does not define who they are as a person. Yes, the crime they have committed will need to have repercussion; however, how we perceive the crime is not how we should punish the person. For example, addicts and prostitutes, should serve community service. They will have to enlist in rehab and to coordinate a program for at risk teens that use drugs. I believe once they observes themselves in others this can help transform their ways. This can benefit them to

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