Company Overview: Deckers Outdoor Corporation

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Deckers Outdoor Corporation describes its business as being "a premier lifestyle marketer that builds niche brands into global market leaders by designing and marketing innovative, functional and fashion footwear" (Deckers 2011 Annual Report). The company's brands include Teva, Sanuk, UGG and others. The Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model outlines how different elements of the company's performance are integrated. The model focuses on inputs, throughputs and outputs. The throughputs are tasks, people, organizational structure and organizational culture (MindTools, 2012). The role of outputs in the model is that they measure the effectiveness of the company, when the outputs are weighed against the inputs. The throughputs should be designed in such a manner that the positive outputs are maximized against the inputs. If this is the case, the organization has a high level of congruence. A low level of congruence would result in poor conversion of inputs to outputs. At the organizational level, there are a number of critical outputs. Some of these are strictly financial, for example revenues, profits, inventory turnover, receivable turnover, assets, equity and most other financial measures are important outputs for the organization. Market share is another key output at the organizational level. From the perspective of shareholders, return on assets and return on equity are key organizational output measures. In fiscal 2011, the company earned revenues of $1.377 billion, on

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