Company X 's Implementation Of A Compliant Ethics Program

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The purpose of Company X’s implementation of a compliant ethics program is to provide structured policy and procedure that will impart a cohesive code of ethics. Including strategic importance of Company X’s, business integrity; image/reputation; perception of stakeholders and the business community and prioritizing practices of social responsibility. In addition, the ethics program should provide expectations of employee conduct while being consistent when the “norms” of company practices and performance objectives having been met through providing recognition and rewards policy standards, or disciplinary action when conduct or job performance goals fall short. The company policy concerning this scope of the ethics program sections…show more content…
Subject of Notice: A. Behavior Conduct Transgression 1. Smoking on Company Property Smoking is to be conducted in the designated smoking area only and is located off property. This is a non-smoking campus and the grounds are monitored by the security team during regular business hours and are responsible for maintaining consistent safety in the workplace. a. First violation: this will result in a verbal warning and written directive instructing the employee to follow up with voluntary cessation classes and to contact local support groups. Provide contact information for Employee Assistance Program services. Information shall be provided in the “Performance Correction Notice.” b. Second violation: Written directive including employee input on measureable tangible improvement goals to stay within company policy and procedures. c. Third violation: interim evaluation may be necessary to evaluate disciplinary actions for insubordinate behavior. d. Final Warning: Employee must understand the seriousness of failing to follow company rules and advise that this is a last chance warning to change inappropriate conduct, resign or to be terminated with cause. 2. Profane Language: It is in Company X’s business ethic to present representatives and their values in the best light
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