Company 's History : Nintendo

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Company’s History: Nintendo first started in 1889 under the leadership of Fusajiro Yamauchi, who named the company at first “Nintendo Koppai” (Jones, 2013). He started his company by selling Hanafuda Cards; these are simple cards that are used to play multiple games – much like the more common standardized 52 playing card sets (Jones, 2013). The name Nintendo originally is a Japanese metaphor and basically means “leave luck to heaven” (How Nintendo, Lego, Adidas and 17 other Major Companies Got Their Names, 2013). The Nintendo’s Corporations’ real boost in there business was their trip to the United States when Hiroshi Yamauchi, Fusajiro’s grandson, met the largest card manufacturer in the country and was stunned by their small offices (Jones, 2013). After that, he concluded that his business was limited and has a small angle and he has to think of an alternative in order to keep his place in the market (Jones, 2013). Their first innovation came by having a joint venture with Disney in order to print their characters on their cards that helped the business to jump into an entire new market that helped them in becoming global and grew to be known overseas (Jones, 2013). Moreover, with their new young audience target, Nintendo created books that explained new games that could be played with these cards (Jones, 2013). After that, the company with their new venture decided to go public in 1962 and that helped them in having other joint ventures (Jones, 2013). A sample of these
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