Compare And Contrast Alexander Hamilton And Jefferson On The National Government

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After the thirteen colonies gained their independence (1780’s) in the United States, Alexander Hamilton (Federalist) and Thomas Jefferson (Anti-federalist) argued about the national government. Alexander believed that the national government should have a strong power, people needed to be governed, and the National Bank is constitutional. Thomas Jefferson, on the other hand, believes that all power should go to the citizens, too much power corrupts the government, and the National Bank is unconstitutional. In some ways, both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson come into an agreement, both wants to make America a better country. Alexander Hamilton states that the government should have a strong power in order to help the United States become a more centralized country. In the document, Alexander Hamilton Vs Thomas Jefferson on Popular Rule (1780’s-1820’s), document B, says, “As the thing now is, however, I acknowledge the most serious apprehensions that the government of the United States will not be able to maintain itself against their influence. I see that influence already penetrating into the national councils and preventing their direction.” Hamilton distrusts and fears the states because state governments would be too democratic. Hamilton argues that people needed to be govern because they can become too controlling. For example, document A states, “The people are turbulent and changing; they seldom judge or determine right.” In other words, citizens can

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