Compare And Contrast Anne Bradstreet And Romanticism

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Romanticism Era literature significantly differs from colonial period. Being two centuries apart, these time periods differ in ideas and beliefs, which affect the poets and authors of that time, as well as their writing style. Edgar Allen Poe, a well-known poet and author of the19th century, is a great example of romanticism. His works are unique in every way, but at the same time they fit the "standard" writing of Romantic period. His stories and poems are full of fantasy, creativity, mystery and unreal events. Edgar Allen Poe is a complete opposite of Colonial author Anne Bradstreet, whose works are also recognized exemplary. Yet, Anne Bradstreet has absolutely different perspective on writing and life. Her poems are more sentimental, touching and realistic than that of Poe's. Edgar Allen Poe's works are extremely emotional and powerful. He makes the reader feel the horror and see the terrific images of the scenes in their minds effortlessly. Poe successfully transports the reader into his works, making it feel realistic, but at the same time the audience is aware of the setting that is clearly impossible in the real life. His works are more fictional than Anne Bradstreet's, because of the unrealistic image of life. And this is what defines classical work of literature during the romanticism era. As a colonial author, Bradstreet puts emphasis on relationships and self-fulfillment. Poe, however, has different priorities when it comes to writing. In

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