Compare And Contrast Bob Ewell And To Kill A Mockingbird

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Jacqueline Philippe Mrs. MacKintosh ENG 2D1 -02 17 September 2017 Title once i think of it Harper Lee’s novel To Kill A MockingBird is an american classic set in the south during the 1930s revolving a court case where a black gentlemen by the name of Tom Robinson is accused of raping a young woman named Mayella. Defending Tom Robinson is a defence lawyer, father of two and civil rights advocate Atticus Finch. The accuser Bob Ewell is a racist drunk backwoodsman and father of eight children including Ms. Mayella. Bob and Atticus are similar in certain ways, they are both notable figures in town and single fathers raising children but as you read on you will find that that is where the similarities end and that they could not be more different. Bob Ewell is an unemployed, single parent, struggling to raise many children in the town of maycomb. Mr. Ewell is irresponsible in the treatment of his children even going as far as being thought to be misspending what little money he earns on alcohol “...their relief check was far from enough to feed the family and there was a strong suspicion that he drank it up anyway.” (244) also when Atticus tells his children Scout and Jem “...[Bob Ewell] spends his relief checks on green whiskey [and] his children have a way of crying from hunger pains” (41). Which proves not only does Mr. Ewell starve his children he neglects his children as well. Bob Ewell abuses his children and this is shown on many occasions such as when

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