Compare And Contrast Christopher Columbus And John Smith

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Christopher Columbus and John Smith are both similar in the fact that they made their kin very proud and became famous of their accounts of unexplored territory. Though their ideas of what to do with what they encountered was different, they both were very brave men. They were different in a way though. Columbus believed that there was a great value in terms of wealth to the natural resources he saw on the islands and he used a different rhetoric to explain it. John Smith saw economic growth possibilities in the fertile New England area that had a vast amount of natural resources, he also valued different commodities than Columbus.
Christopher Columbus’s description of the natural resources that he finds was actually quite similar to John Smith’s. Columbus’s idea was different from Smith’s though, he thought that these natural resources were much more valuable in terms of wealth. When Columbus saw the beautiful stretches of land that America had to offer he was excited of the riches that it will bring him and his mother country Spain. Columbus believed that there was gold to be found in America and that America stretched bigger than England. John Smith encountered natural resources like crops and fish in New England, “For hunting also: the woods, lakes and rivers afford not only chase sufficient, for any that delights in that kind of toil, or pleasure;…pay.”(Smith 125). The animals that John Smith run into are hawks, fish and unknown wild animals that can be heard in the
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