Compare And Contrast Dad And Odysseus

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Odysseus vs Dad
Hero versus hero who will win! This essay is about two heroes, Odysseus and my dad. Odysseus and my dad are different but they're both heroes. I will show why both are heroes and explain why their different.
Odysseus was a hero who had many talents. He was in charge of a group of warriors. Together they fought many furocious monsters. Odysseus was keen in his tactics, In his battle with the six headed monster Scylla. He know his warriors were strong, yet frightened. So, he never told his warriors they were about to fight Scylla. “Then Scylla made her strike whisk six of my best men”(12 (186-190)). With six men dead they still managed to escape Scylla and sail on. The battle against the cyclops, Odysseus shows his
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