Compare And Contrast Europeans And Native Americans

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When the Europeans first came to the America, they assumed that they would be welcomed and be looked up to because of the gifts and trade they brought over. However, they couldn’t be farther from the truth, as the Natives feared their foreign weaponry, technology, and animals. Both groups, although in different circumstances, had misconceptions of each other that altered the views the Europeans and the Natives had of each other. From passages in Columbus’ journal, it’s obvious from the Admiral that he quoted from thought less of the Native Americans he encountered when he first arrived in America. He made quick assumptions about their culture and life, like they were a part of a patriarchy and that they were all in their thirties. The Admiral also believed the Natives were intelligent, but only because of how easily they took commands. Unfortunately, this speculation would also lead him to believe they would become good servant, most likely along with Columbus and the rest of the Europeans. Not only this, but they thought the Natives could be easily persuaded into Christianity through gifts and trade. They gave them trivial gifts such as glass beads and red caps to cajole the Natives to join together as friends. Because they Native’s didn't have access to iron, they were clueless to what iron made weapons like swords were. In the passage, it's written that the Europeans expected them have knowledge of their weaponry, and because they had “lesser” weapons like spears with a

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