Compare And Contrast Good Country People And Young Goodman Brown

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What does a story about a very religious, Puritan man who goes into the woods to see a witch party and a story about a con man who steals a girl’s fake leg have to do in common? This may seem like an odd and unusual question, but these short stories by Flannery O’Connor and Nathaniel Hawthorne are similar. The short stories of Good Country People and Young Goodman Brown are different in their plots, but are alike in the personalities and flaws of the characters; both stories having characters who are hypocritical and manipulative. Good Country People by Flannery O’Connor is a story with a lot of ironic elements in it. These are mostly found in the way that the characters depict themselves in contrast of how they truly are. For example, Mrs. Hopewell says that she has no bad qualities of her own, but she is a constant liar is an how she happened to hire the Freemans in the first place and how they were a godsend to her and how she had them for four years. The reason for keeping them for so long was because they were not trash” (O’Connor 247). Mrs. Hopewell is not the only hypocrite in this story; Manley Pointer is also incredibly hypocritical, fake, and manipulative. He depicts himself as a “Bible salesmen”, but in reality he is a con artist. When Hulga opens up his Bible, she sees a flask of whiskey, cards, and condoms in it. This would be seen as incredibly offensive and sinful to a Christian. According to Thomas F. Gusset, “Joy/Hulga begins to discover that the Bible

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