Compare And Contrast Hemmingway And Ernest Hemingway

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Take a look back into childhood, everyone has the memory of going to their local playground. These are generally happy memories, filled with smiles and laughter while enjoying the seemingly huge playground equipment. More than likely, the playground had a seesaw that needed one person on each side. They can remember the feeling of pushing off the ground with their legs until they reach the highest point, which to a young child, seems like the top of the world. They look across the beam that is pivoting on a single point and they see the other child who has hit the ground with force. That feeling of flying above the other child lasts three seconds before they are the one crashing to the ground. Up and down, up and down. In order for the child to go up, the other one must go down. Similarly, in Ernest Hemingway's short stories, in order for a character to rise up above others, they force another to go down. In Hemingway’s stories, Americans tend to validate themselves by belittling others. A wife takes advantage of her husband, a man covers up his flaws by putting down minorities, and a woman builds up her superiority by bashing other nationalities.
Margot uses her husband Francis Macomber to better her life financially, but when she saw the benefits growing scarce, she took drastic measures against him. Even after all he has given her, she betrayed him once more by kissing the safari guide named Wilson, but Francis was not completely clueless. He figured out her tactics by

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