Compare And Contrast Martin Luther King And Malcolm X

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Compare and Contrasting: Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcom X
Despite the two totally different philosophies Martin Luther King and Malcom X had they both changed the course of history by fighting for civil rights but in different ways. Although Martin Luther King and Malcom X didn't have the same views, they had the same goals. These two African American men stood for what they believed in but Martin Luther King being Christian never condoned, reacted, nor retaliated to violence. Whereas Malcom X believed in Muslim principles, and fighting back physically or what he said often "By any means necessary".
The households and how Martin and Malcom grew up contributed to they’re many morals, values, and beliefs. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, GA as Michael King but later his father changed both their names in honor of the German reformer Martin Luther. Martin grew up in a middle class family and was well educated. Martin Luther King, Sr. was a minister in Atlanta, Georgia where the family lived in the middle class black part of town. Martin Luther King Jr. attended a black high school near his home where he graduated at 15 years old, then went along to attend Morehouse College and finished at 19. Martin finished at the top of his class. On the other hand, Malcolm X, who was born as Malcom Little grew up in an underprivileged home and in an environment that was very aggressive with hardly any educational advantages. Malcolm’s father was a farmer

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