Compare And Contrast Marxist And Feminist Perspective On Family

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Family is a religious, moral and legal institution with various degrees of kinship even covering generation of ancestors in certain cases. It is no doubt that family is seen as an important institution for individuals to provide emotional needs and to make a better society. Three major theories had contributed a better and more deeper understanding on family. Moreover, this essay will discuss the functionalist, Marxist and feminist views to the family. For functionalist, family is perceived as a positive or stable environment or institution for children and adult members. Functionalists believe every institution in society contributes to the smooth running of society such as the value consensus and the social control or socialization process. The role of the family has structured in which the husband acts as the breadwinner and the wife as the …show more content…

They argue that family enforce patriarchal ideology. Radical feminist believes that the society is being structured in a way that men is seen as the dominant or powerful figure in the family and are allowed to oppress women by their own will. In the family men aggressively exercise their physical, economic and cultural power to dominate women such as making important decisions while women are seen as powerless in both public and private spheres. Feminist also stated that there is a domestic division of labor in the family in which roles and jobs are not equally spread within the couple. (Duncombe & Marsden, 1995) found out that not only women are experiencing the ‘dual burden’ but were now carrying the ‘the triple shift’ in which women is doing most of the work in the house such as housework, emotional care and childcare. this means that they are now managing the families’ emotions. Hence, feminist views that the family is dominated by male patriarchy and the exploitation of women in all

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