Compare And Contrast Mesopotamia And Ancient China

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The first known civilizations of Mesopotamia, Indus River Valley, Egypt, and China all developed around rivers which were located in the plains surrounding a river. For both Mesopotamia and Egypt, using irrigations was an important part for their survival. This helped the control where the waters went and allowed the water to be used farther away from the river itself. Which meant more people could use the river water and later became a necessity for the people living in the river societies which developed much of their culture and society around it.

When it came to the rivers there was great opportunity for these complex Societies to crop food and trade goods. When it came to trading Egypt, India, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Mesopotamia were able to trade with one another, However China, on the other hand, had problems trading because of the mountains and deserts but it wasn’t impossible thanks to the modern term “the silk road” which were trade routes across the Afro-Eurasian landmass that connected East, South, and Western Asia.

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In a society back then it doesn’t matter what you traded, grew, or ate. It mattered how you worshiped and how you fit in society back then whether they liked it or not. Most of these civilizations had similar beliefs or similar concepts such as the Indians, Mesopotamia, and Egypt which had religions of many gods and goddesses that often had a human form and an animal form. But on the other hand, there were beliefs like the Chinese where they did not have set the type of a religion instead they gained knowledge from philosophers.

Overall It's fascinating when to all of these societies comes together and compare and contrast with one another. It gives us an idea of how they worked as a team to survive and how they ran their way of

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