Compare And Contrast Ophelia And Hamlet

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As you may know the shakespearean tragedy, Hamlet, the main character, who is impulsive and hungry for revenge, decides to get what he desires even though he took the lives of many. In my seven hundred and fifty word to one thousand word essay, my goal is to compare and elaborate on how i feel Ophelia, Polonius’ daughter and Gertrude, the Queen and mother of Hamlet, are similar. I wish to persuade you into reading more of the Hamlet play. There is also a movie, that is similar to the book/play. SECTION HEADERThe Queen. In this play the Queen is married the new king, Claudius. At the beginning of the play she was married to King Hamlet, who died, she mourned for only two months and remarried to the brother of the old king. I believe the Queen really stands out from Ophelia because she has a lot more responsibilities as a Queen. Ophelia is the love of Hamlet's life, but the Queen is his mother. I can see them being a competition to see who can get the most of Hamlet's attention. In act four, scene three, the Queen has to be a mother to Hamlet and send him away even though that is her son, she needed to do what was best for everyone. She sends him away to England, thinking it will make everything okay, she will eventually figure out that Hamlet is unstoppable. Ophelia. I believe Ophelia is different from the Queen because Ophelia doesn't know how she feels about Hamlet, which i think is understable. Hamlet confuses Ophelia by telling her he doesn't love her, then going crazy and loving her like no other. In act four, scene five, i will
2mention again that Ophelia is mourning her father's death. She sings about it, talks about it and even dies for it. She didn't care about anything else except her feelings she had towards this situation. She ended it all by committing suicide. Like the other girls in the play, when Ophelia was asked to do something she obeyed without question. She loved Hamlet a lot but couldn't bear the loss of her father , and in my opinion that makes her strong, she would give her own life just so she wouldn't have to live without her loved one.Similarities. The Queen and Ophelia wish for Hamlet to be happy and for him to go back to being himself again. Everyone around him feels as though he’s
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