Compare And Contrast Paths Of Glory And All Quiet On The Western Front

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World War 1 has been a famous war throughout history. Many films have been made surrounding it, sometimes realistic and sometimes not so much. Paths of Glory and All Quiet on the Western Front were two such movies that depicted the Great War. Each movie is unique in their own sense and although no movie will completely convey the harsh reality of the war some movies are better than others. Depending on when and what year the war would have looked vastly different to different soldiers. Some would only know the reality of the trench while others would recognize “tanks” rolling over the ground which were impenetrable to normal gun fire. Which side of the war one was on would have also lead to different views, as in when one side is winning the other is losing, and when morale is up on one side normally morale is down on the other. In the history of war there are many different aspects and some similarities. The Great War introduced the “automatic” gun and the idea of trench warfare. The Great War had more casualties by artillery and it was said “No flesh or a bone could live above ground in the battlefield”. Everything was fought across “No man’s Land”. Many advancements led to soldiers hiding behind a wall of dirt in the ground which really changed up the game. Fighting this way seemed more dangerous due to the automatic guns and it was more effective than the U.S. Civil War where everything was fought face to face only a few yards away. World War I was the largest and

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