Compare And Contrast The Civil Right Movement Vs Civil Rights Movement

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The civil rights movement and the black lives movement were very important movement. I believe that the civil rights movement was a little bit more effective than the black lives matter movement. The civil rights movement had strong leaders, such as Martin Luther King that everyone followed so they could stand up against the system. From the beginning of the 50s and the Emmit Till days the civil rights movement still stuck with non-violence to show that us African Americans are bigger than that.

As far as the Black Lives Matter Movements, it’s just as important but it’s not that effective because some people look at it as a joke or just something they feel they should put on twitter, instead of helping those people that are fighting for us. I am totally for the black lives matter movement I just believe that we could do a lot better, if other people apart of our race would take it seriously. That’s important because the opposite race and the police will not take us seriously, if we don’t take our movement serious.

The Civil Rights Movement was an organization that took pride in what they were doing and cared about each other. Back in those days black people knew that they had to stick together, because it was all odds against us. I believe that we have to stop killing each other first, so people can buy into our …show more content…

The term “good cop” is an oxymoron, like I believe that there are good people who are cops but the system is so messed up to the point where that takes that away from them. Yeah there are a lot of police officers that take the job seriously and came to work wanting to help others, but they ended up messing up people’s lives. I wish the black lives matter movement could understand that it’s all a game and a set up to kill more young black kids. The police will continue to use “ I thought he had a gun” and he will get a slap on the wrist or get

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