Compare And Contrast The French And American Revolution

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Powerful countries are able to leave a mark in history by escaping their rulers and establishing themselves as their own country; while being represented by a king or a leader who they are proud to be represented by. During the late 18th century, America a country ruled by The United Kingdom, had no control of the thirteen colonies. With the British having a very strict authority over the Americans, this made them rebel and feel deserving of freedom, establishment of their own people, and that taxes shouldn't go to The United Kingdom. This only lead to an uproar of citizen fighting against the British “Lobsterbacks” and with the support of the French, America gained its independence. Very similar to the American revolution the French disrespected the leadership of King Louis XVI, they believed his extravagant expenditure and participation in the American revolution left the country in poverty. Inspired by a lack of popular sovereignty, the French citizens decided the only way they will be able to change their lifestyle is by overthrowing King Louis and inaugurate a new form of Government for France. Though both revolutions have many relations, they both have many dissimilarities, throughout my work I will be displaying the reasons why both revolutions were similar and why they are different.
The American Revolution was an important time for the Americans who felt like they would achieve higher standards of success without The United Kingdom taking all of their money.” For
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