Compare And Contrast The Story Of An Hour And Desiree's Baby

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It’s 1.00p.m. and you’re listening to Literature Made Easy. With me is Felicia Kueh, an expert in English literature who had graduated with PhD in English Literature from The University of Edinburgh. Today, she is going to answer us several questions on ‘The story of an hour’ and ‘Desiree’s baby’ written by Kate Chopin. Welcome, Felicia.
Hi Teresa and thanks for inviting me. I’m more than happy to answer questions for the audiences.
Okay. So here comes the first question. What is the setting of the stories and how essential is the setting to the story?
In ‘The story of an hour’, it is set in a house in the 1890s, a time when women had little to no rights. Louise was the typical housewife married to the working man. She was to keep the house in order and have dinner ready when the man got home. This confinement and role Louise had to play gives her “heart trouble”. At first when Mr. Mallard is reported dead, Louise weeps suddenly then goes to her room. She spends the next several minutes looking at how free she is now that her husband is gone. The setting of the story affects the context greatly. If it had taken place in the 21st century, Louise might not …show more content…

The common theme is that women are weak and cannot continue to live their life without families in 19th century. From “The Story of an Hour” we can see that the main character, Louise Mallard was happy after knowing her husband was dead. She was celebrating the freedom she obtained because of the death of her husband. In fact, she could divorce with her husband if she did not love him anymore. Somehow, she did not dare to ask for divorcing. Besides, in “Desiree’s Baby”, the main character, Desiree was weak as she cannot stand for her husband’s mental abuse towards her that he changed his attitude towards her, he talked to her with averted eyes, losing all his love towards her because she was potentially a black. Thus, she went away from L’ Abri with her baby, risking her life and her baby’s

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