Compare And Contrast The Us And Rwanda

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In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting the data provided on the United States and Rwanda.
The GDP per capita is the gross domestic product per person. This is the income of the country divided by the population. THE US has a higher GDP of 56,207,04$ as shown in table 1.This means that the United States economy is rising at that there is an increase in productivity .Rwanda has a low GDP per capita as shown in table 2 .this means that the economy of Rwanda isn’t efficient and this tells us that country is suffering from poverty and corrupted and inefficient government. The GDP per capita comparisons shows us that the US performance is higher

This is a way in which a country can measure its economy. THE United States has a higher GDP of 18.04trilion$ as shown in table 1.This means that the US is increasing the amount of production that is taking place in the economy and the people have a higher income and hence are …show more content…

The United States has a high death rate of 8.41deaths/thousand as shown in table 1 .This happens because the United States have a much higher proportion of older people ,due to low birth rates and mortality rates .Rwanda has a high death rate of 6.43 deaths/thousand .They have a low proportion of older people due to a high birth rate and mortality rate .
Life expectancy
The average number of years a person can live .Rwanda has a low life expectancy of 65.788 years as shown in table 2 due to its poor health care and nutrition .They are also effected by the socioeconomic factors .Rwanda also doesn’t have a proper educational system therefore the people do not get jobs so they are not able to pay for the medicines they might need .The United STATES has a high life expectancy of 79.501 years as shown in table one .This tells us that the quality of health care and quality of life is very good in the United states.


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