Compare And Contrast Willim Burton And Take Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

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As the years go on the movie industry are starting to look back on the movies that we all know in love and try to recreate them to get that feeling of enjoyment once more. What’s hard about recreating a movie from the original from is that it could alway be a bit dodgy. Take Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for example. Tim Burton directed the 2005 film and took the warm-hearted and wholesome film filled with awe and wonder and turned it into a something like that and more. Knowing Tim Burton’s work, his style is a bit unique; some would say weird. But that’s what people like about his movies; they love that they’re weird and different than anything else that they’ve ever seen. Even I love that about his work. Watching the original film titled Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and looking back to what the movie represented to all of us as children ,I feel that both movies have their own qualities that make them individually good . As a child, everyone would have dreamed of going to a chocolate factory just like Willy Wonka’s. Children want be amazed by what the factory has in store for them and and downright just have a good time. Both films represent that feel to that the main character, Charlie Bucket, exceeded his expectations to what he envisioned the factory contained inside. And yes, they both had the same theme and setting. However, Tim Burton did create more development for the characters in the newer version, but to me I felt that it wasn’t necessary. The

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