Compare And Contrast With Euthanasia

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Euthanasia is similarly god to give a new life and devil to take a breath. There are many people want to suicide by euthanasia. Euthanasia comes from the Greek words. It means good death or gentle and easy to death. Nowadays, Switzerland seems to be the only country in which the law limits the circumstances and assisted suicide is a crime. Furthermore, the reason agree with euthanasia is respect for the rights of the patient, some country euthanasia is legal, and euthanasia made the patient break free from suffering. On the other hand, the reason disagree with euthanasia is contrast the religion, vulnerable, and some country legal and support services are not current. First, the agreed with euthanasia is respect for the rights of the patient. There are many terminally ill who decided …show more content…

According to Buddhism, Phra Paisal Visalo has stated that Buddhism views euthanasia is a sin. For example, the reason for euthanasia is the life of the patient is not useless and with out dignity, but they view life is valuable as long as we have breath. He emphasized that the patient has many choices to lives. The euthanasia is not the solution for suffering but them should learn to live with the suffering. Although the body is suffering, the mild is freedom from the suffering. Thus, we should help them to live more than to kill their (2011). Moreover, in Christian beliefs, Saunders (n.d.) stated that “The Bible teaches that human being are unique in all Creation because they are made in the image of god (p.2).” It is concluded that there is against euthanasia. Likewise, Islam is against euthanasia. Amesh and Shadi (2007) supports according to Muslims, they believe that their life belongs to Allah because Islamic teachings stated that “life is a divine trust and can not be terminated by any form of active or passive voluntary intervention.” Therefore, euthanasia is against in the

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