Compare Beowulf And The Faerie Queene

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After reading the assigned stories I have chosen to write about the Faerie Queene and Beowulf. Both Redcrosse and Beowulf show the perfect hero in two periods, Both Beowulf and Redcrosse Knight exemplify the perfect hero in two separate periods, The Early Modern Period and The Middle Age. Beowulf shows the effect of the spread of Christianity, values heroic deeds and bravery above all else. Beowulf’s heroism is explored in three separate conflicts, those with Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the sea monster. Redcrosse Knight, “The Faerie Queen,” show Holiness, though he is the individual Christian fighting against evil.
The Faerie Queene,” was written during the early modern period, shows a massive change in Christian religious practices. Redcrosse offers his services to Gloriana, Queen of Fairyland Una reveals that the dragon of hell has captured her parents and that she needs assistance in getting them free. Redcrosse takes on the challenge of getting her parents released (Canto 1). This demonstrate a hero, he will go through great trials and fight fierce monsters and this in itself is the character of a heroic knight. Not only does his armor protect his body and those with him, but also being a Christian he has the protection of Christ. For the Christian to be holy, he must have faith.
Much of Beowulf is showing heroism , this shows the values of strength, courage, and loyalty, hospitality, generosity,. Redcrosse, must defeat villains who impersonate the falsehood of the

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